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Every person needs close protection security in their life.


Every person has a right to live peacefully within a country or a city. You have the right to protect your family, yourself, and assets as a person. Similarly, the concept of protection has been present for ages in the human world. Protection means giving someone an amount of money to protect your assets or yourself. In addition, they are also hired to protect your properties, lands, items, and many other valuable things that a human can possess.

Close protection security is usually provided by grim-looking people who have strong motivation to protect another person. Similarly, close protection security is top-rated as world affairs are not very good. You can find crime in every Street and every home.


We can look into the examples of close protection security with the medieval world, when troops protected their lands and valuable possessions, including their lives. In addition, the model of King Harald is also perfect who hiring bodyguards to protect his family and himself from threats.

Alexander the second is also one of the most famous examples of close protection security. To conclude, we can say that when it comes to the world, the risks are increasing every day. Therefore, close protection security is now very much important.


Close protection security is rising every day with the rise in a world crisis. Many close protection security services are provided. Such as:

  • VIP close protection

American United States secret service was the first-ever close protection security created. There have been more than 5000 employees in this agency since the 19th century. This agency is still running. This security agency protects the laws and enforces them within the people. Many other branches of the American association work in close protection security. Just like that, USSS was created as a law enforcement agency.

  • Trained bodyguards

One of the best works in close protection security is the trained bodyguards. The international bodyguard association is an organization and society created to protect the people and force law. Similarly, Lucien Victor Ott is the person who established it.

Active security international is also a famous organization created for close protection security purposes. These institutions promote more security education and close protection security in the students. All of their students are professionals and hold skills for close protection security services.

  • Civil bodyguards

Close protection security also involves civil bodyguards. They are not only trained physically. At the same time, all of their psychological aspects are kept in mind while preparing them. In addition, the use of a weapon is also talked to them to handle everything carefully and in a professional manner.


We can say that close protection security aims to eliminate terrorism and promote safety. Briefly, the world is in a crisis, and close protection security is now crucial for the people who need protection against criminals and terrorists.