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Section: weedbates.

Weedbates is an online store selling cannabis seeds, grow equipment and smoking accessories. weedbates was founded in 2010 by Jeffrey Raber and Matt Zartman. It has been stated that its mission is to bring a close-knit feel to the online shopping experience, providing rock-bottom prices on a wide array of products and…

Section: What is a weedbate?

Great question. A weedbate is a way for a business to get free publicity, paid for by the consumer. Sounds kind of shady, right? That’s because it is. Most companies have very strict policies about this type of activity, but in the next couple sections we’ll talk about why it works and how you can use it to launch your own successful weedbates.

Section: How do I get a weedbate?

How do I get a weedbate?You ask. Simple. Just read this guide and you’ll have more weedbation than you’ve ever had before!Weedbation, sometimes also referred to as “Webbage” (see definition here ), “Weyard”, or as spelled out – “Weed-ba-tion” – is commonly known as the act of getting rewarded or “rewarded” with a weed bonus or paying additional money above and beyond your normal wages. It’s generally used in the context of web designers, developers and the like, but niches vary across different industries that they’re employed in.  The concept of getting weed under any form typically comes hand in hand with an extra sum of money and subsequent celebration.

Section: How much is a weedbate?

Did you know that a weedbate is worth an average of $54,821 per year? That number looks pretty good on a business plan (I wouldn’t know). But I can tell you that without weedbates, there’d be no WaySpa (the online spa rewards program I’m using to write this article). So — what’s a weedbate? Let’s take a look.

Section: Can I get more than one weedbate?

Can I get more than one weedbate? The answer is yes and no. Yes, you can get multiple weedbates. But what happens when you have a bunch of weedbates, and you would like to give them all away to a lucky person who has only received one weedbate? The answer is no. No, you may not give away more than one weedbate to the same person.

Section: What’s the catch? Why am I doing this to myself?

There’s an infomercial on TV for a kettlebell. The host is using the kettlebell to drum up online interest for his new fitness guide. Except, it’s not really a fitness guide at all — it’s a book that teaches you how to choose the fastest line at the grocery store… Besides being pretty clever and innovative, this infomercial really got me thinking about what I’m getting myself into when I write for local online sites. So today, I’ve decided to write about my experiences and thoughts as a freelance writer and what it all means for my future in digital journalism.

Takeaway: hope you enjoyed this!

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